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Selling in the Reallusion Marketplace - Start Your 2D Animation Side Hustle eBook/PDF by David Arandle

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Is selling in the Reallusion Marketplace worth it?

It's a common question, asked by artists who have discovered and love Reallusion's Cartoon Animator 5, are making a lot of their own content, and then see what an opportunity the Marketplace could be to earn a side income.

The short answer is 'yes' it is absolutely worth it.

As an artist myself, I could create all my own content for my animations but the convenience of being able to buy ready made characters and backgrounds is so tempting that my Cartoon Animator Content Library is filled with 13,567 individual items I've purchased over the years (from both the Reallusion Marketplace and Content Store).

I honestly don't know any Cartoon Animator user that hasn't got, at least, a modest sized collection of assets purchased from the Marketplace.

HOWEVER... like any marketplace there are success stories like Garry Pye, who earns a full time income from his marketplace store and gained employment with Reallusion as their 2D Community Manager based on his success and enthusiasm, and then there's a long string of people with a 'I made it so people will buy it' approach making next to no sales if any at all.

If you don't want to be someone doesn't see enough sales to even make opening a marketplace store feel worth doing this eBook, Selling in the Reallusion Marketplace - Start Your 2D Animation Side Hustle is an in-depth look at how the marketplace works, and how you can set yourself up for a better chance of success.

The book gathers together my four part article series, originally published in my Animation and Video Life Blog, as an easy to reference (and advertisement free) guide, that you can refer back to as you start and build your own marketplace store. It includes a linked table of contents, so jumping straight to the section you want to review is extremely easy.

Packed full of useful information and strategies to help you optimize your products for high demand and visibility topics covered include; finding niches, planning content, pricing, optimizing listings for search, when to offer free content, and options to help promote more sales.

While the book is focused on the 2D, Cartoon Animator section of the Reallusion Marketplace, much of the information translates directly to selling in the 3D, iClone, Character Creator, section of the Marketplace too (since it's all encompassed as one big 2D and 3D market).

About the Author

While my store in the marketplace, at the time of writing, only has a modest 13 products it does make sales that I use to buy more stuff from the marketplace.

It's never been my goal to become a full, or even part time, content creator earning an income. However, I know a lot about selling digital products, specifically selling paid Cartoon Animator courses to a market that is very used to learning the software from free videos by Reallusion. I also ran an independent, animated explainer video studio for more than a decade, with a small, remote worker, team of three people, with clients worldwide.

This book is based upon two months of detailed research, testing, and my own experience of selling in the marketplace for the last seven years.

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Selling in the Reallusion Marketplace - Start Your 2D Animation Side Hustle eBook/PDF by David Arandle

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