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Three Ways to Improve The One Sprite Character Rig in Cartoon Animator Tutorial

The Fastest Way to Rig a Character in Cartoon Animator, The One Sprite Character Rig Tutorial showed you how to quickly and easily rig your very first character. Now, take your rigging skills to the next level with this continuing tutorial that picks up where the first one left off. Learn how to give your character proper joints in the arms and legs, fully functional bone hands that can be flipped, and limbs that can be placed behind or in front of any other part of your character.

Just like the first tutorial this one is presented in an easy to follow step by step, storyboard style, PDF document that you can follow along without the hassle of video tutorials where, you're either stopping constantly to rewind the step you missed, or struggling just to keep up with what's going on.

As well, you get all the files you need to complete this tutorial including the finished, one sprite Cartoon Animator character from the previous tutorial, the PNG Businessman graphic used to create it, and the finished, improved Businessman Cartoon Animator character you will be creating. To top that off you get a short demo video of the final character in action.

Rigging Characters in Reallusion's Cartoon Animator is perceived as complicated but it's actually not. With The Fastest Way To Rig a Character in Cartoon Animator, and Three Ways to Improve The One Sprite Character Rig in Cartoon Animator, anyone, even with no character rigging experience, will be able to rig their first character within a day just by following the easy, step by step guides.

Don't be put off by the number of pages in the PDF Document. This document is mostly large size, labelled, screen shots (2 per page) clearly showing each step that, once learned, will give you the skills to improve your one sprite character rig in a few hours (maybe even less).

Note: this tutorial does require Cartoon Animator 4.4 or better with the included Bone Hand Dummy Character Actor Files. When you purchase this tutorial the PDF file will be stamped with your information and will need to be downloaded separately from the other items.

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  • 27 page PDF Document set out in storyboard format with 2 steps per page, Businessman PNG Graphic, One Sprite Businessman ctTBactor file from the previous tutorial, Improved One Sprite Businessman ctTBactor file, Animated Short showing the finished rig in action, License text file.


Three Ways to Improve The One Sprite Character Rig in Cartoon Animator Tutorial

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