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The Fastest Way to Rig a Character in Cartoon Animator Tutorial

Reallusion's Cartoon Animator 4, 2D animation studio software is arguably the best tool for speeding up 2D animation work flows. Its standardized, but flexible character bone structures, make it possible to apply pre made motion files to an infinite variety of character designs.

However, despite Reallusion's successful efforts to simplify rigging full character designs, it's still something of a process that can be quite complex for newcomers to CA4, or just not quick enough when you've got a tight deadline on an animation pitch that doesn't need fully functional character rigs.

The One Sprite Character Rig may be just what you need. By combining some of the software’s latest features, like G3 Character rigs and Bone Hands, with one of its oldest features, Morph-Based Heads, you can rig a semi versatile character in about an hour (probably even less than an hour once you know the process). As well, once you've drawn your sprite, it can be fully rigged inside Cartoon Animator, no external templates or graphics app required.

This nineteen page PDF Document is a step by step guide to easily creating one sprite character rigs in Cartoon Animator. Don't be rushed by a fast moving video tutorial (although a full, real time, 1 hour and 13 minute video running you through the process is included). Follow along at your own pace. You don't even need to know how to use Cartoon Animator  to follow along.

Don't be put off by the number of pages in the PDF Document. This document is mostly large size, labelled, screen shots (2 per page) clearly showing each step that, once learned, will give you the skills to create this type of one sprite character rig in less than an hour. 

Note: this tutorial does require Cartoon Animator 4.4 or better with the included Bone Hand Dummy Character Actor Files. When you purchase this tutorial the PDF file will be stamped with your information and will need to be downloaded separately from the other items.

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  • One 19 page PDF file with clear instructions for easily rigging a one Sprite Character in Cartoon Animator, One MP4 Video demonstrating the process, One PNG Business Man Graphic, One completed G3 Business Man ctTBactor file, One Demonstration MP4 of the Character in and Animation, License text file.


The Fastest Way to Rig a Character in Cartoon Animator Tutorial

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